4 High-End Facilities At Global Sevilla International School In Jakarta

International School in Jakarta РInternational schools often have prestigious, expensive, and high education standards. Does it, though? Yes, most of the time, the facilities and the activities are on the high-end side. All of them are to enhance international curriculum and education activities. In this case, Global Sevilla is renowned as one of the international school in Jakarta. What kind of facilities does this school have? This article is your answer.

Here Are The Facilities That You Can Find In This School

Global Sevilla International School

1. Outdoor And Indoor sport Facilities

There is no doubt that every school will have sports facilities. Even though the number is varying, but the existence of these amenities is essential for Physical education activities. In this case, the Global Sevilla tries to facilitate the student with appropriate sports facilities, both indoor and outdoor. There will be a mini soccer field, basketball court, swimming pool, and even a gym located on the campus.

2. Laboratories

Another facility that won’t be absent in the institution is laboratories. In many cases, you can expect that every international school in Jakarta will come with good labs. But is it also happen to this school? Fortunately, yes. The students can expect numerous laboratories for various activities, from art lab, science lab, computer lab, language lab, to others, all the education and experiment come with the complete amenities.

3. Outdoor Playground And Indoor Sensory Room

What makes this school stood out the most is the availability of three different academic levels, from kindergarten to secondary school. With that said, you can expect the school to provide suitable facilities for younger students. And indeed, the Global Sevilla allows access to the more attractive outdoor playground and indoor sensory rooms. These bright colored and spacious facilities built to enhance students’ physical and social skills.


4. 2 Campuses Location For Better And Closer Access

As an international school in Jakarta, you can find the Global Sevilla’s campus in two different locations, in East Jakarta and West Jakarta. The two areas used to give better access and closer distance from home to campus. The East Jakarta one is Pulo Mas Campus, while the West Jakarta one is the Puri Indah campus. Both campuses share the same curriculum, so the parent should not be worried about school performance.

Just like any other international institution, you can expect Global Sevilla to come with numerous beneficial facilities. You can find indoor and outdoor areas for any sports activities. Some laboratories spread across two campuses. Simultaneously, the availability of kindergarten and primary school makes this institution provide playgrounds and gardens. Make this school one of the best in Jakarta.

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