Understanding The Six Areas Of Learning And Development For Young Children

Understanding The Six Areas Of Learning And Development For Young Children

In every level of education, one needs to understand the difference. It is very essential since choosing the best education for young learners is not an easy feat. The best of preschool Jakarta itself should underline the correct focus and use an appropriate curriculum. You can take Global Sevilla as an example that focuses on six areas of learning and development. Here is the detail.

Understanding The Six Areas Of Learning And Development For Young Children

Physical And Creative Development

Physical and creative development are the two basic areas every young child should have learned. Creative skills can bring independence and excitement toward learning. It also covers huge areas including dance, music, art, role play, and games. It also worked for hand in hand with the physical development that turned as the most fundamental skills to develop.


Knowledge Of The World And Mathematical Development

The knowledge of the world and mathematical development emphasize logic development for the students. As the pupils have little experience in the world, the areas lead them to learn more knowledge. From basic geography, history, technology, design, to IT. The area is also one of the significant keys to rose problem-solving abilities for each student in the school.

The preschool Jakarta itself implements the idea through many media,  including games, songs, stories, and sensory fun activities.  Along with it, mathematical development focuses on the student’s ability to understand numbers, shapes, patterns, space, and measurement. This kind of skills and knowledge will be very helpful as the children get older.


Language And Social-Emotional Development

Last but not least is social-emotional and language development. The two areas underlining the need of growing surrounded by people. It also helps children to understand that they are not alone and live within society. With that in mind, the children can learn how to become independents, play, and even cooperate with others.

To support that kind of activity, Global Sevilla also emphasizes the need to communicate, language, and literacy development. This kind of preschool Jakarta program and focus will encourage students to listen, speak, and express their ideas. The skill is also fundamental to writing and reading. They can also use many items, such as rhymes, stories, and books.

At such a young age, the younger students don’t have enough experience to receive high-tier education. That is why the global Sevilla school introduces the six areas of learning and development under the IEYC curriculum. It provides some detailed activities that suit their abilities, needs, and skills to further develop in higher degree education.

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