Global Sevilla International School Values For Student’s Interpersonal And Personal Skills

Global Sevilla International School Values For Student’s Interpersonal And Personal Skills

In providing the best education for their students, Global Sevilla highlights personal and interpersonal development. In this case, the school teaches values to purposely encourage students in being positive souls in the community. It is very vital for the learner because it allows them to be better individuals after graduating from the international school di Jakarta.

Global Sevilla International School Values For Student’s Interpersonal And Personal Skills

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The school’s values and how Global Sevilla teaches them

  1. Self-control

Seems like the less highlighted in school, self-control is one of the values taught by global Sevilla for their learner. The school understands that students need extra skills in regulating their behavior, emotion, and thoughts. The idea is in line with the fact that self-control help prevents impulsive action or temptation.

This is where the teacher and school facilitate their students to learn about perseverance and resilience. Students will have their learning in overcoming difficulties, problems, or unexpected situations without lashing out. Global Sevilla itself delivers it with the help of the mindfulness approach, a practice similar to Yoga to help children calm and collect themselves.

  1. Compassion

Compassion in general means the ability and mindset to provide genuine and kind nature. Global Sevilla international school di Jakarta takes the idea to help students develop their values since they are young. The key is to create an array of actions that show wiliness to help and empathize with others.

The key is to teach students that helping others is noble action no matter how limited or small it is. With compassion toward each other, students can focus on working with other races, religions, and everyone no matters their differences. They will learn that everyone is important and worthy.

  1. Giving

Giving is another value that should be learned and developed from a pretty young. It is an act that emphasizes the sense of being helpful and generous. By teaching this value, learners are expected to show the varying simple act of giving, being part of a positive society, and generating happiness. The international school di Jakarta eventually try to learn that small happiness is for everyone and starting from small favor.

It is safe to say that the school has its mind set to develop an interpersonal and personal character for their learner. Teaching values are the answer. It helps students to have a positive character in society as well as having their best effort to excel in academics. It shows that Global Sevilla has its learner as their priority. So, don’t make a mistake in choosing a school. Pick Global Sevilla for a better future.

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