Global Sevilla An International School In Jakarta Missions And Values

Global Sevilla An International School In Jakarta Missions And Values

School’s mission and values help introduce its idea or principle in education. From the mission and values, parents can learn what kind of learning, focus, and education is provided by the school. Global Sevilla is one of the unique options to consider since the international school in Jakarta focuses on day-to-day values and character development. Here is the detail.

Global Sevilla An International School In Jakarta Missions And Values

Illustration Global Sevilla Student

Global Sevilla As An International School

Global Sevilla is one of the best and most international standard schools you can find in Jakarta. One thing that makes it stand out is the mindset in providing study that is not only about the academic outcome but also helps children to develop their personality. It is where the school mentions the uses of the character development approach in its study.

It is meant to provide a thorough education for students with a focus on supporting the learner in developing their mindset. In other words, the school wants all students to find their strengths, weakness, wisdom, personalities, interest, talents, and attractions. The school believes that intelligence should be followed with positive and strong personal character.

Global Sevilla School Mission!

To fulfill its principle of providing thorough personal and academic development, the international school in Jakarta has its mission to solidify. The school highlight the international standard with its reputation in providing thorough education and teaching, including giving values learning from kindergarten age.

The school’s goal is to guide the students and nurture them to be positive characters. It goes with the idea that every child is different, which reinforces the mission of reinforcing positive values on how unique they are. The positive values go together with character building, which is important in developing their personality in the future.

The School Values

The said values given by Global Sevilla are mostly day-to-day learning. The school and teachers nurture students through varying activities, such as excursions, teamwork, community services, and many other activities. All meant to develop the value of giving, compassion, and self-control.

The school teaches giving, a sense of generosity, and helpfulness as a human being. The international school in Jakarta also teaches compassion, and values teaching about being genuine and kind. And lastly is about self-control, where the students get their teaching in developing a positive mindset to help regulate emotion, thought, and behavior.

Considering the three points given in this article, you can see that Global Sevilla can provide the best education from its mission and values. As an international standard school, Global Sevilla provides character development and day-to-day values. It means the school not only focuses on achievement but also personal growth. Don’t take it lightly! Check Global Sevilla now.

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