5 Unique Wedding Souvenir Ideas When Married at Villa

Wedding couples generally give wedding souvenirs to their guests. It represents gratitude to guests who have taken the time on their happy day. Therefore, many couples intend to provide unique souvenirs. To make it easier to choose the best souvenir, here are some recommendations when getting married.

Unique Wedding Souvenirs

1. Mini Cup Cake

If you like a fancy cake, it’s time to show your personality on your wedding day. You can choose a mini cupcake as your wedding souvenir. Wedding souvenirs don’t always have to be in the form of goods. For these reasons, don’t hesitate to choose a mini cake as another form of gratitude to your guests who attend your wedlock ceremony.

2. Glass Enamel

Enamel glasses are one of the best souvenirs that you can choose as a wedding souvenir. You can resemble a mug as your option. But thanks to the provision of aesthetic design and combined with attractive colors that make it more modern and classier at the same time. Don’t forget to complete it with your name and wedding date as a reminder souvenir.

3. Towel

Small towels have become popular wedding souvenirs. To make it more fascinating, you can make adorable characters. Some sellers wrap towels neatly to make them look elegant and practical. This way will make your guests who are present at your wedding happy and impressed.

4. Spoon and Fork

A wooden spoon and fork are other unique souvenirs you can pick for a wedding party. You can find these souvenirs from gift-making service wedding souvenirs that offer this stuff. Besides being a classic appeal, this souvenir has a distinctive wood scent that makes it more attractive at the same time. With this in mind, many couples choose it as the best souvenir

5. Mini Cactus

Do you want to give a beautiful wedding souvenir to your guests? It looks like choosing a mini cactus is the right choice. Mini cactus are spiky plants that do not require special care, so they are easy to care for. While the shape is adorable, it feels suitable to choose as an ornamental object in the house. Thus, you can select these souvenirs when holding the wedding at Villa

All in all, there are many more unique souvenirs that you can choose from the guests who attend. The best choices can be from handmade soap, card wallets, mini pouches, candy, bamboo baskets, flip flops to pillows. Not only unique, but it turns out that every souvenir given has its meaning.

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